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What others are saying?

Acrobits has provided us with an outstanding platform to improve our offering to our large user base. More than a simple provider we categorize Acrobits as a long term partner to help us improve user experience and expand our business model to new horizons. Their fresh and pragmatic approach has been a key element of success in our deployment.
Javier Pinzon
President Virtual Communications (COL)
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IVR Technologies Inc., has always regarded the Acrobits Softphone as one of the most stable and feature-rich products of its type in the industry. Acrobits emerged as an early leader in the softphone market and they continue to show leadership with their Cloud Softphone product. Cloud softphone is a robust and comprehensive over the top (OTT) mobile SIP VoIP client that provides our customers with the flexibility and control to design, configure, and brand a softphone offering with an ease and time-to-market advantage that is second to none. With its rich web portal, flexible web services API architecture, an a la carte features and deployment model, and comprehensive branding options Cloud Softphone is a wonderful and seamless complement to the Talking SIP platform, and Acrobits is a welcome addition to our ecosystem
Randall Walrond
Vice-President of Product Development (USA)
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With Acrobits, we found the perfect solution for a Mobile VOIP white label offering. With their ``Cloud Softphone`` framework, we are able to tailor designs to the needs of our clients, knowing that the basic engine below is a stable Acrobits solution. We were able to close a contract with a large carrier by showing the during the demonstration what the application would look like after deployment. The fact that we were able to show a working, customized app in a very short timeframe was essential in convincing the customer of our overall flexibility and competence. The support and feedback from the Acrobits team is excellent and we really appreciate the professionalism, profound feedback, and quick follow up in case of changes or questions.
Frank Remmers
Sales Director (CH)
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Our experience working alongside Acrobits has provided us and our customers a reliable and high value product enabling us to be quick to market and capture new revenues in emerging markets around the world. Acrobits continues to evolve and modify their products for our needs enabling us to remain a leader in the global WiFi calling and messaging market. Acrobits shares in the successes of their clients and thus we feel we are working with a true partner, not just a vendor.
Brian Kirk
VP Business Development (US)
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We at Brastel Co., Ltd. were able to add Cloud Softphone in our application lineup in a very short time because of the app's innovative features. It was an amazing experience to customize the app by ourselves through the web portal without having to discuss customization specifications with Acrobits developers. Our system engineers and designers worked independently each one in their area and could check immediately the results.
Sergio Kasuga
General System Manager (Japan-Brazil)
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We carried out extensive research on every available VoIP app before choosing Acrobits’ CloudSoftPhone. We found many apps prioritised sales and marketing features over technology, with no or few features on the app that allow for different networks, routers or devices. Acrobits’ are a long time player in this field because they not only, have the most robust product techincally, but they also understand the business and the needs of their customers and end-users, better than no other. Their business model makes it easy and affordable for any company to launch their own VoIP app within a few short weeks. Their feature set and continual development of APIs means that a company can make changes to their users’ apps without the user having to do anyting. The addition of the browser tab within the app also means that a company can add an infinite number of features, through simple web services – giving a company all the functionality of custom built SDK, at a fraction of the cost.
Kerry Weir
Managing Director
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We have worked with Acrobits since the launch of our mobile apps in 2009. Thanks to their innovation and skill, our mobile VoIP products have grown steadily and their success has never wavered.
Christophe Beaud
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In just a few months' time, Acrobits has set a new standard for VoIP and UC Clients with its Cloud Softphone apps. These apps can be a major competitive advantage to PortaSwitch telecom. Acrobits has received well-deserved praise for its solutions from BrightHub and BestAppSite, and has recently received the TMC Labs Innovation Award. We know it will be a great addition to the family of PortaSwitch-compatible applications.
Andriy Zhylenko
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